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Tired of being asked, "What're you working on?" when you're in the zone?

Keep everyone updated on your daily progress, through email and text. Don't worry - we'll remind you.

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WhatWeDid.Today is "set it and forget it" - we email you, or text you, as often as you want. Reply and we'll send your updates to whoever you like - your team, your clients, or your boss. You never have to sign into the app again. Happy everyone. Hero you.

Stay focused

WhatWeDid.Today offers all the tricks to keep you motivated and on task. We track your communication, so it becomes a habit. We store your responses so it's clear what you've been working on.

And no one ever has to ask you, "What're you working on?" again.

Built for remote workers and distributed teams.

My name's Corey, and I work remotely, which makes communication tough. Even though I'm on IM, chat, Slack and email all day, my clients and team members are still left wondering what I'm working on. So I built WhatWeDid.Today. My boss didn't know he was recieving an automated email, but has all but stopped emailing me franticly, asking, "how'd it go today?!". Now he knows.

All new accounts come with 3 free email reminders, and 3 free SMS reminders.

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